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This page describes the current multi-lingual policy on

Language policy[Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • German is the main reference language, and all root pages should be named and written in German.
  • Other languages should be placed in an appropriately named sub-page of the English version. E.g. the Hungarian version of Help:Contents should be at Help:Contents/hu (not Help:Sommaire, Aide:Sommaire or Help:Sommaire/hu).
  • Language sub-pages should be named using the Wikipedia prefix for that language.
    • If a Wikipedia has not been started in a language then we should not host help pages in that language.
  • Sub-pages should only be used for translations into other languages, not for German content.
  • If an international version of a page exists but an German version does not, then please create a stub article for the German version as this aids navigation.
  • All pages in the help namespace should be tagged with the {{Languages}} template, which automatically creates links to all available translations.