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Schloss Darda, Kroatien

The community of Darda is in the Osijek-Baranja County, just across the river Drava from Osjiek in Baranya. Just under 9,000 inhabitants, about 7,000 of them living in the town of the same name. The coat of arms of Darda is: azure a semi griffin or crowned of the same langued gules issuant from a crown also or holding in his dexter a sabre argent handeled or and in his sinister three roses gules seeded and barbed argent and slipped sable. The coat of arms is based on the family coat of arms of Esterházy von Galantha, one of the most important Croatian noble families and rulers of Darda in 19th century. Esterházys gave several of the Croatian bans and number of bishops and archbishops.

Coat of Arms of the City of Darda

The ancient Esterházy family coat of arms was similar, but the griffin was shown completely, standing on the crown (when they were granted princely staus in 1712 it was made more complicated by quartering etc.) Kazimir Esterházy built a castle in Darda that is a cultural monument today.

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